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Charitable Fund for Local Impact

Rotary LBK Charitable Fund

Why the Fund Was Formed theme[1]

The service programs and good works of Rotary Club of Longboat Key are designed to be hands-on wherever possible; we like to go where the need is and work with project beneficiaries to ‘get it done.’ But sometimes programs also require funding to be effective, and sometimes our Club chooses to contribute financially, as well as with personal service, to a worthwhile project of other service organizations.

To accomplish those ends the Rotary LBK Charitable Fund was formed, obtained Section 501(c)(3) status from the IRS (permitting donors to deduct their contributions on income tax returns), and has received a license from the State of Florida to solicit public donations.

Programs to Fund

Rotary programs for which the Charitable Fund especially seeks public support include, so far, the TEN (Tuttle Elementary Nutrition) Program, the annual LBK Veterans Day Parade, the Fun Friday Kids Club, and the Paws Park Fund, for amenities to the off-leash dog park planned for Bayfront Park.

Each of those projects originated with our Rotary Club, following a member’s suggestion of an unmet need either on Longboat Key or, as with the TEN Program, in neighboring Sarasota. We are proud of what we have begun, believe that much more than we appreciate the value these programs bring to the community, and hope the public will help sustain them.

How to Help






Checks payable to Rotary LBK Charitable Fund, earmarked or not as you choose, may be mailed to:

Rotary Longboat Key  |   P.O. Box 8351   |  Longboat Key, FL 34228

In-kind contributions and sponsorships are welcome too; please contact us at info@longboatkeyrotary.org to discuss opportunities.