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Event to honor Longboat Key’s Police and Fire First Responders and their Families


This is what we all expect and receive when we are in need of these professionals.  The folks who receive the help are appreciative in a very one-on-one way.  The LBK Rotary wanted to show our broader community appreciation, acknowledgment, and support of these important personal by holding a thank you event.

The event was AWESOME!  But we could not have done it all without community participation.  97 people attended – not including Rotarian and Friends of Rotary.  Here are some photos to share the experience of all who are there when needed.
 And a thank you shout out to Chef Edgar for the terrific job that you and your staff from Webber’s Hot Dogs did today in catering our event at the
Bay Isles Beach Club on Longboat Key

Arbor Day Success — Trees Added to Ted Sperling Park

A crew from Ted Sperling Park and our Rotary planted two new trees Friday April 27.

A group effort to prepare the first site.


With a successful planting.

Now with careful attention to watering we hope to see well established trees in several months.

Thanks to all who participated in this community Long Boat Key Rotary project.

Making sure Tuttle Elementary school’s pantry is staffed and stocked

Hello rotary volunteers!

Thank you so much for donating your time and efforts to make sure Tuttle Elementary school’s pantry is staffed and stocked!

To sign up to help, please follow the links below.

>>>>>>>>>>>> Tuttle Bag Labeling

>>>>>>>>>>>> Tuttle School Pantry

It will take you to Longboat Keys private registration page, one for each “event”. From there you will have to create a profile and then choose your dates!

If you need ANY assistance, feel free to call or email!

Remember to register as a volunteer at PALS Screening

Have a great day!


Volunteer Coordinator Heather Cline

Direct 941-549-8156

Main 941-379-6333 x156

8171 Blaikie Ct. Sarasota FL 34240

All Faiths Foodbank

Trees to be planted on Arbor Day April 27

Albritton’s Nursery is going to deliver the trees on April 26th. Ted Sperling Park has asked that we are there on April 27th at 8 am for pictures with the staff of Ted Sperling Park as the trees are planted. We will coordinate with the Ted Sperling Park staff about watering. Proper watering for the first 60 days is important to establish the trees in their new home.  Look forward to seeing you on Arbor Day April 27th.

Dr Martin Bobzien’s speaks about Living and Working in an Islamic State

Longboat Key Rotary Club President Jay Sparr (left) toasts guest speaker Dr. Martin Bobzien at the conclusion of the Club’s March 13th meeting. Dr. Bobzien is a Rotarian from the Cologne, Germany area who has wintered with his wife, Barbara, on Longboat Key for over 30 years. He has shared his extensive knowledge of the Islamic world in two recent presentations to the Rotary Club, drawing upon his experiences and contacts during his many years with E.I. DuPont de Nemours. The Bobziens have announced that this will be their last winter in Longboat, and the Rotarians bid them a fond farewell with a champagne toast.

Jay Sparr and Dr. Martin Bobzien

Enhancing the natural habitat at Ted Sperling Park!

Proceeding with the Tree Challenge our Board approves the expense for two Southern Red Cedars!  We hope for an April 27th Arbor Day delivery.

Ted Sperling Park is visited by thousands of people from around the world every month to enjoy the natural environment of coastal Florida and these Southern Red Cedars are a perfect addition to enhance the natural habitat.

Finding Ted Sperling Park

2017 Member of the Year named by the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce

Sandra Rios, Director of Communications for Zota Beach Resort and The Longboat Key Club has been named 2017 Member of the Year by the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce.  Notably she is a Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Longboat Key! She is pictured with Jeff Mayers, General Manager of The Resort at Longboat Key Club. Sandra was presented the award in recognition of her “unparalleled leadership and drive to always go the extra mile.”

Sandra Rios with Jeff Mayers

Ballot initiatives – Staying in touch with our community

Paul Dezzi (far left), Chief of Longboat Key’s Fire-Rescue Department, and Sue Smith (2nd from left), the Town’s Finance Director, are joined by Judy Achre and Jay Sparr of the Rotary Club of Longboat Key

Chief Dezzi and Smith educated the Rotarians about the ballot initiatives that will be considered by the Town’s electorate in connection with the March 20th General Election, including the provisions of the proposed 2018 Town Charter and the proposed renovation of the north fire station and rebuild of the south station.

Progress on the Forest Front

Tree Project Planning with Sarasota

On Friday 2/16 Rotary members Carol Erker, Sidney Turner and Dottie Rutledge met with two Sarasota County officials, Shawn Yeager, Division Manager, Beaches and Water Access and Ryan Murphy, Operations Coordinator at Ted Sperling/South Lido Nature Park to view and discuss the proposed sites for our red cedar tree plantings.  Shawn and Ryan are as excited as we are about this project and are willing to help us source the trees and get them properly planted.  Our next step is determine the best source for purchasing our trees!  More information will be posted as available, but right now all systems are go!


Rotary Knows Trees Are Amazing

Rotary International President-elect Ian H.S. Riseley has challenged every Rotary club to make a difference by planting a tree for each of its members between the start of the Rotary year on 1 July and Earth Day on 22 April 2018. Trees remove carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the air, which slows global warming.

Some Other Tree Facts

  1. A single tree can absorb CO2 at a rate of 48 lb. per year.
  2. Trees act as natural pollutionfilters by absorbing pollutants through the stomates in leaf surfaces.
  3. Trees lower temperature by transpiring water and shading surfaces.
  4. Trees reduce heat sinks. Heat sinks are 6-19 degrees F warmer than the surrounding area.
  5. Trees reduce erosion.
  6. An acre of trees absorbs enough CO2 over one year to equal the amount produced by driving a car 26,000 miles.
  7. Trees provide food and wildlife habitats.
  8. Planting trees remains one of the cheapest, most effective means of drawing excess CO2 from the atmosphere.
  9. Trees recharge ground water and sustain stream flow.
  10. One large tree strategically placed in a yard can replace 10 room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours per day.

Read more about what trees can do for us at the Arbor Day Foundation site.