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Tuttle Elementary Nutrition (TEN) Program

The Rotary Club of Longboat Key’s  Tuttle Elementary Nutrition (TEN) Program is a major accomplishment that has resulted in hundreds of needy children receiving free food every two weeks. In partnership with All Faiths Food Bank we created, and we stock, manage and staff a food pantry every two weeks, where up to 100 households ‘shop’ for free food.

Thank you so much for donating your time and efforts to make sure Tuttle Elementary school’s pantry is staffed and stocked!

To sign up to help, please follow this link below.

Tuttle Bag Labelling – http://cerv.is/m?0259gDmMST3

Tuttle School Pantry – http://cerv.is/m?0259gVQK4YC

It will take you to Longboat Keys private registration page, one for each “event”. From there you will have to create a profile and then choose your dates!

Have a great day!