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District 6960 Conference Review

What a magnificent showing by the Rotary Club of Longboat Key at the District 6960 District Conference, May 13 & 14th in Ft. Myers. Let us share a chronology with you, highlighting the awards and recognitions that our Club and our members received:

  • The focus at the opening breakfast was the importance of Club Service, and the program concluded with District Governor Cyndi Doragh’s presentation of Club Service Awards. Our wonderful Program Director John Brill received the District’s “Speaker Chair of the Year Award”! 
  • The morning plenary session’s theme was “Be a Gift to the World,” with a focus on “Stellar Fundraising Projects,” “Stellar Community Service Projects,” and “Stellar Public Relations Projects.” Our club received the  “Stellar Award” for Community Service which was truly earned by Bob and Teresa Simmons and their team for their work with Tuttle Elementary Nutrition and by Gene Luca and Jack Rozance and their team for the 2015 Veterans Day Parade and Honor Program.
  • At the District Governor’s “President’s Cocktail Reception” that evening, our club received the “Governor’s Award With Distinction” certificate.
  • At the dinner that evening, the focus was on Community Service and recognition for Club participation in the District Governor’s programs and projects:    Dottie Rutledge received the “Governor’s Appreciation Award”  for her wonderful work in selling more than 15 of the Kenya dolls that were hand-crafted by women living in extreme poverty in a village in Kenya.
  • Also at that evening’s dinner, we received the “Outstanding Community Service Event” certificate to recognize our Club’s Veterans Day Parade and Honor Program. Again, we regard this award as having been earned by Jack Rozance, Gene Luca, and our friend and logistics genius, Chris Lake.
  • Also at that evening’s dinner, we heard a presentation regarding Rotary’s Wheelchair Foundation. A few months earlier, the District Governor had challenged the clubs of the District to contribute sufficient funds to fill 10 containers (1100 wheelchairs) for needy individuals internationally and in our District. Because our Club’s Board of Directors approved the contribution of $1000 (10 wheelchairs), we received the attached “Governor’s Award – Fellowship of the Wheelchair Club” certificate.
  • At the Conference’s closing dinner on Saturday evening, the District Governor had more awards to present to Clubs and their leaders. Our club President, Carol Erker, received the President of the Year – Small Club.” award. 

    We have returned to Longboat rejuvenated and excited, ready to make the 2016-17 Rotary year under Jack Rozance’s leadership even more noteworthy. THE BEST IS YET TO COME FOR THIS CLUB!